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~ My references as a professional (references from supervisors)
~ My references as a peer (private letters, cards, messages)
~ My references as a teacher and coach
~ My references as a writer

~ ~ ~

my { professional references }

For my role as Teacher Assistant in Media Arts at The English High School:

“Nathan Chow was an intern and assistant in my media classes at The English High School in Fall 2008 and Spring 2009. I was very pleased with his dedication and measurable contributions made over the course of the year at EHS.

From the moment he arrived in the morning until his departure, Nathan was actively engaged in a number of high-profile, collaborative, student-led media projects, including the launch of the new EHS student newspaper, the broadcast of EHS Television shows, the production and direction of an EHS promotional video from scratch to finish, and the relaunch of the EHS website.

Nathan’s laid-back and calm approach to projects with my kids quickly earned him their trust. In a short period of time, he forged strong bonds with many students through engaging and pleasant media projects. My students looked forward to Nathan’s on-site days as they were able to bounce ideas off a fresh set of ears without fear of being judged.

In addition to teaching media and assisting in high-quality projects, Nathan also served as an excellent example to my seniors and Media Lab officers of how a college student is expected to conduct himself. His unique personality gives him a professional but approachable aura. Whenever slower paced projects allowed for some chitchat, my seniors were able to use Nathan’s extensive knowledge of college admissions and get honest answers from him about college experiences. He is both a positive and trustworthy role model with the students he works with.

In my opinion, Nathan went above and beyond with his fieldwork at EHS. I can see him constantly growing as a teacher, filmmaker, and communicator.”

— excerpt by Xavier Rozas, Supervisor

~ ~ ~

For my role as Supervisor in a simulated organization in an upper-level Industrial-Organizational Psychology class:

“Nathan goes above and beyond what is expected of him. Of everybody in the organization, he is the one person who would win the “Employee of the Year” award. His summary emails to team members, desire to stimulate learning amongst his team, and creative new ideas are among his strongest points. He also shows great leadership and his team admires him. He is a great manager and employee. I was surprised by the amount of effort and work Nathan put into the organization and it was a pleasure to have him as one of my supervisors. I highly recommend Nathan. He will make a great addition to any company.”

— excerpt by Christopher LCP Mendes, Vice President

my { peer references }

Below are just a few glimpses of me as a person outside of work. Other than for the first blurb, I did not ask ANY of these friends to write to me. I believe informal, unsolicited reviews say a lot more than formal, solicited reviews. To me, these are essentially reviews of me as a human being.

These informal thank-you cards, messages, emails, wall posts, comments, and text messages are here to show you that I’m the real deal. Educating, inspiring, and empowering others are my passions not just in my work but also my life.

I breathe this stuff.

~ ~ ~

Nathan has incredible interpersonal skills and would be a tremendous asset to any company, fulfilling the position with much talent and a great sense of humor.

He is constantly working to improve the organizations he is a part of, whether the Boston University community or smaller groups of friends. Always thinking of how to teach and how to share insights to benefit the community, he is immensely talented in coordinating and connecting people. He makes it look so easy to help people get adjusted to college and make new friends.

Outgoing and fun to be around, Nathan is also a gentle educator and a strong team player. He has participated in non-profit walk events and is a leading force in the success of the BU Juggling Club. Nathan is a natural leader who makes everyone feel as if they are important.

— Sarah Weiss, in a peer reference nominating me for a class “supervisor” position

~ ~ ~

“i cant begin to describe how awesome you are/were during that time. i can honestly say there are three people that had a gigantic impact on my life during my freshman year, obviously you are one of them. your genuine interest in helping me/others and being honest and funny and just a nice person to be around is what made me see you that way. i really like the fact that i can talk to you and have interesting conversations and at the same time joke about random things and know i can trust you which is something hard to find nowadays…not only were you willing to listen but you did care and you also gave me your opinion and on top of that you looked for me and invited me to random activities. just the fact that someone “really” talked to me and at the same time asked me if i wanted to do something meant i was wanted. i want to thank you for everything because i dont know if i ever did and i want you to know. im glad i met you and i wanted to tell you im proud to call you my friend.”

— M., in an unexpected Facebook message to me one year after he moved away (the original message is three times as long)

~ ~ ~

you are one of the most thoughtful and sweetest people i have ever met keep that big heart of yours no matter where you choose to be in your next stage of life”

— Allison Song

~ ~ ~

You have a certain positive energy and a kind heart that makes me feel comfortable being myself… I just wanted to let you know because it’s very hard to find genuine people… From the many times you took the time out of your day to check my papers to the all-nighters you spent helping me move, words can’t express how grateful I am to have met a great person like yourself. I really appreciate the sage advice you’ve given me and [I’ve] learned to appreciate your thoughtfulness… Thanks so much for being such a great friend, and most importantly, a great person.”

— T., in a combination of her letter and farewell text message the day she was moving away

~ ~ ~

“Nathan is a hilarious guy… who has never failed to make me laugh. His jokes are the kind that are so clever you’ll stand slack-jawed wondering where they came from. But at heart, Nathan is also a great friend and a smart, sweet and soulful guy. There is never a dull moment around this wonderful person.”

— Weronika Glab, in a reference for a community website

~ ~ ~

“He’s a comedian and a master of juggling. Entertainment is guaranteed!… Impossible for him to walk a block without running into people he knows… Laid back, amiable, and hospitable!… Makes you feel as though you have been friends forever… Nathan will undoubtedly always lend a helping hand, even to a perfect stranger… Never been anything less than an adventure.”

— Combination of references from various people on a community website

~ ~ ~

“I’ve met few people in my life who are as invested in friendships as you are. You are truly one of a kind; your kindness, friendship, generosity, energy is unparalleled. I can’t tell you how much I valued seeing you at my graduation. those kids you teach/mentor are SO F%&*IN LUCKY TO HAVE YOU. You are giving hope to kids who I’m sure are living in very bleak circumstances. And I know you will be one of those teachers, who those students will look back on and say…”I decided to go to college because you inspired me” or “I became what I am today because you were the only one who believed in me”. I’ll miss you. Stay in touch :)”

— L., in a private message (I censored one word.. lol)

~ ~ ~

“You are one of the only people I can talk to about anything, and that’s pretty rare ;). I’m confident good things are coming for you this new year… you deserve it!… You are the kindest and most spirited individual I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing.

— G., in a combination of two private cards

~ ~ ~

“And you, my friend, are one of BU’s kindest community-builders! Don’t leave us! BU will nottt be the same without you!”

— Lauren Slater, President of Boston University’s Chapter of UNICEF

~ ~ ~

“i wanted to see if you could offer me any advice because i dont know anyone that has more faith in people and peace than you do… your opinion means a lot to me because i really think highly of the person you are and your mentality.”

— C. K. (no, I’m not friends with Calvin Klein), in a private message

~ ~ ~

His worst quality is that he takes forever when he eats and gobbles down fish heads like potato chips.

— Christopher Sover, in a reference on a community website

references as a { teacher & coach }

“I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your generous advice for my college interviews. Your insider knowledge of BU was really helpful. You made me realize strengths I wasn’t aware of and made me comfortable in asking questions. Your tips were really instrumental. Thank you.”

— Anis Abdulle, high school senior, in a card at the end of my first year as a student teacher at EHS

~ ~ ~

Our knight in shining armor. A superstar. His presence is so calm and caring.

— Coordinators of the Boston University Day & Overnight Admissions Program, where I hosted more guests than anyone else for multiple semesters

~ ~ ~

“Thank you for all of your amazing help and feedback with my resume and lesson plans through their many phases and evolutions. Job interviews are really scary for me and your support helped me get through it, which I really, really appreciate.”

— M.

~ ~ ~

“my fav counselor!!”

— Josh Barchat, award-winning camp CIT at the end of camp (he worked with me for just one day)

~ ~ ~

“I got to hear all about you for about a month after camp ended so I guess you made an impression.”

— Sam Ulan, regarding her sister whom I taught at camp

~ ~ ~

I got to do my work much better. Your words will always be in my heart forever.

— H., my sixth grade student, Spring 2011, in a letter

~ ~ ~

“I have learned many things, including LEARN, LAUGH, LOVE.”

— S., my sixth grade student, Fall 2011, in a card (with chocolate)

~ ~ ~

“When I get older I’d LOVE to be like you and go out to Peru and other countries and help out. You’re definitely one of my greatest influences in life. I LOVED being a Thunderbird, it’s taught me and inspired me SO MUCH.

— S., my sixth grade student (our class name was Thunderbirds), Spring 2012, in a private message

references as a { writer }

“Your ability to put things into narrative (both in frequency and quality) never ceases to amaze me.”

— Patrick Utomi

~ ~ ~

“What is Nathan Chow good at? I answered: Uplifting the spirits of those near to him, and even those only peripherally near to him. He writes wonderfully…For the record, whenever I need a pick-me-up I end up on one of your websites. Thanks :)”

— Nadia Shaikh, through a Facebook application

~ ~ ~

that was eloquently beautiful and completely unexpected. Here I am flipping through [facebook] and you bring us something like this… there’s not much I can say, except Thank you :-)”

— Stephanie Zimmerman

~ ~ ~

“As always, this is beautifully written and I forgot all the things we did together. But every time I read one of these notes I am both impressed and touched by the fact that you remember and cherish things like these and truly care about the people around you, no matter what your relationship to them is. It gives me a sense that humanity is never completely lost in this ever de-humanized and de-humanizing world. Thank you for being your wonderful self.”

— Liz Kearns

~ ~ ~

what will I ever do without you and your hilarious notes next year. Just write a damn book already!

— Nick Heupel, BU freshman I hosted when he was a prospective student

~ ~ ~

“Once again, you have put a smile on my face by tagging me in one of your notes. It is good to know that there are people in this world that are not afraid of sharing their experiences and thoughts… Exactly because of the position in which you are (you are a communicator, a spokesman of the hopeful youth), it is that I invite you to share not only those joyful, heart-touching experiences, but also to raise awareness among those that surround you.”

— Francisco Javier Suarez Pedraza

~ ~ ~

your notes always help me see a little bit more about what’s really important.

— Jennifer Victorica

~ ~ ~

“Wow. I choked up a little. I don’t know how you do it, Nathan, but somehow you manage to evoke such real emotion in your writing.

— Sima Kalmens

~ ~ ~

“It’s wonderful to see how you know the power of your thoughts and how you are able to share them with your beautiful and deep-reaching words. Thank you for sharing this with me Nathan. The world is a warmer place with you around and with the impact you have on those around you.

— Sidney Efromovich, Founder of I Embrace You (formerly Hug Don’t Hate) and teacher of happiness and positivity

~ ~ ~

Bold truth!

— Robert Oriyama’at, author

~ ~ ~

You’re an inspiration.

— Katharine Lynnae Clements

~ ~ ~

this is simply a masterpiece

— Mohamed Taisir Tomalieh

~ ~ ~

Your notes are consistently generous, educational, and make me want to be a better person I think you’re going to be one of those people who will change the world.

— Kartik Antani

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