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nathan is { a teacher }

~ I am a teacher with 4.5 years of classroom experience in middle and high school.

~ I am good at setting high and clear expectations, confiscating cell phones, and sending girls to the nurse for having Bieber fever. I believe in mixing fun with learning and I have a particularly intense passion for character education (see my TEDx Talk).

~ For several semesters, middle schoolers from my class won high numbers of character awards at end-of-semester grade-wide ceremonies for qualities such as integrity, joy, perseverance, focus, respect, and more. Students often say I’ve made a positive difference in their lives. One said I was one of her “greatest influences in life.” See what else I’ve done in my classroom by reading through my resume.

nathan is { a tutor }

~ I am a Boston-based tutor who can enlighten kids, teens, and adults in a wide range of subjects.

~ With a teacher background, I can break concepts down into simple steps, help you see things in new light, and be calm and patient enough to work with you until you fully understand something. Below are the fields in which I can help you succeed.

tutoring for { English and writing }

What I can teach:
~ language arts, English, and writing at all levels and in all aspects for K-12, college, and adults
~ English for speakers of other languages
~ academic writing
~ creative writing, screenwriting, story structure, storytelling, speechwriting
~ writing creatively, as in packing a memorable punch into anything
~ resume and cover letter writing
~ grammar and/or the SAT Writing section
~ memoir writing for teens, adults, and seniors (share your life story or your family story)

My qualifications:
~ Expected TESOL certification in July 2013
~ SAT Writing score of 730 on the multiple choice section (taken in high school)
~ College courses I took: Screenwriting, Communication, Creative Writing
~ Film major with solid understanding of story elements
~ I used to be an ESL student!!—I will totally understand how silly English is and how hard it can be to learn.
~ One of four out of 400 freshmen chosen to read their short memoir at the COM Coffee House Reading (Boston University)
~ Awards in high school: Outstanding Achievement in English 10 Honors; Outstanding Achievement in English 9 Honors; Best Scriptwriting

tutoring for { math }

What I can teach:
~ Any K-5 and middle school math
~ Some high school math
~ NOT advanced high school math (I have a clear, logical, step-based way of understanding and explaining all math, but my skills in advanced math are rusty. I like being honest. There are tons of better tutors than me for most high school math.)
~ Algebra
~ SAT Math only if your diagnostic score or estimate for it is below 600
~ SAT II Math Level 1 only if your diagnostic score or estimate for it is below 600

My qualifications:
~ I taught math in a middle school classroom for 1.5 years
~ 800 on SAT II Math IIC (equivalent to today’s SAT II Math Level 2) and 5 on AP Calculus BC
~ Multiple math awards in high school: Highest Average in Calculus II Honors, Calculus I Honors, AP Statistics, and Algebra II Honors; Association of Math Teachers of NJ Award

tutoring for { college admissions & essays }

What I can teach:
~ writing personal statements, graduate applications, undergraduate applications, and cover letters
~ strategies for college admissions

What I can do:
~ guide you through multiple drafts of a statement or essay until you have a polished final draft ready for submission (I will serve as your coach, NOT be the writer)
~ brainstorm essay ideas with you and draw out the best and most memorable stories from your life to turn into essays
~ proofread or edit important application materials when they are done (how early or late into the game is up to you)
~ privately coach you through the whole college admissions process (choosing best-fit colleges, writing essays, acing interviews, going on campus tours and what to look for)

My qualifications:
~ Over 20 years of writing creatively as a hobby
~ Years of formal training in creative writing, screenwriting, and other storytelling courses
~ Proficiency in expressing emotional truths and generating memorable story ideas (Other coaches may be qualified only to fix your grammar and move around some paragraphs.)
~ Personal fascination with college admissions (You know those thick books full of summaries, student blurbs, and cute ratings for every college? I read half a dozen of them cover to cover. You’re essentially hiring someone with no life.)
~ Volunteer Day & Overnight Host at Boston University for 3 years; hosted more guests than anyone else
~ Creator of the college advice blog http://howtospellcollege.com/, which has been visited by over 75,000 students and parents worldwide
~ Also see my qualifications for teaching English (see above)

tutoring for { computers and technology }

What I can teach:
~ basic computer skills, Microsoft Word, internet skills (emailing, uploading photos, efficient web surfing)
~ web design, starting a website, starting a blog, WordPress, XHTML / HTML, CSS
~ digital photography, using your consumer-level digital camera, Photoshop
~ social media, blogging, SEO, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

~ Over 10 years of designing and coding websites as a hobby
~ Months of experience teaching computer skills to an adult
~ Photography hobbyist and film major with an eye for good composition
~ Personal fascination with social media; I’m an active user and have read many books on the subject
~ Freelance blogger for more than 5 years (over 100,000 hits)
~ I’m a geek in my mid-twenties and I grew up with this stuff. ‘Nuff said.

my qualities as { your tutor }

~ Years of experience as a teacher in the Boston/Revere public school system
~ Fun, silly, witty (learning should be enjoyable!)
~ Incredible passion for educating and inspiring others
~ Creative ideas for all assignments, especially writing (You want to stand out, don’t you?)
~ High standardized test scores from 700-800
~ High school class rank 3rd out of 327 (excellent study skills, organization skills, and secrets to academic success)
~ Psychology minor (knowledgeable about different learning styles)
~ Can teach valuable life lessons and study skills on the side
~ Positive and patient
~ Extremely dedicated to helping you to succeed. When I was a teacher, I even initiated a free weekend tutoring program for my classroom students. Nowadays, I want to eat more than ramen though…

perks of { my tutoring service }

~ Flexible schedule: I am an afterschool youth worker, a freelance writer, and a night owl. All of these give me some flexibility in my schedule. That means that whether for regularly scheduled tutor hours or for emergencies and last-minute deadlines, I am readily available even during the latest and oddest of hours—in person, on the phone, or via email. Anything short and reasonable over phone and email is free. Clients respect this, and so far I haven’t had the need to set limits. (Don’t worry. I know EXACTLY what it’s like to cram for a test or to write a paper last-minute. I’ve been there. What a joke that I’m offering to teach study skills. Oh wait, I wasn’t supposed to say that… Darnit, Nathan.)

~ At-home tutoring: To save you time, I can travel to your home, dorm area, or nearby public place. Unfortunately, the destination must be within walking distance of an MBTA T stop, bus stop, or commuter rail stop. And commutes that take me more than 45 minutes via public transportation will have a small and fair surcharge. I live near Coolidge Corner in Brookline.

~ Discounts for long-term tutoring: Rates are lower if I am serving you for 3 or more hours per week and/or for every week for more than 8 weeks.

~ Free clown school: I’m not kidding. Well, okay, only a little. I’m offering complimentary juggling lessons during study breaks. Juggling is good entertainment, great meditation, excellent training for goal-setting, and a superb metaphor for life balance. I once taught—errr, tried to teach—executives of a Fortune 100 company how to juggle during a workshop on work-life balance and managing priorities. My goodness, that was the hardest behavior management in my teaching career… (Interested in such life lessons for any age and profession? Check out my personal and business coaching services.)

~ Service tailored to your needs: I am personable, fun, super friendly, easy-going, and flexible. I will handcraft and adjust lessons so you get what you need. I promise you will receive service nothing short of extraordinary.

what { my students have said }

“You made me realize strengths I wasn’t aware of and made me feel comfortable asking questions.”
– High school senior

“Your words will be in my heart forever.”
– Middle school student

“You’re definitely one of my greatest influences in life. I LOVED being a Thunderbird. It’s taught me and inspired me SO MUCH.”
– Middle school student (Thunderbirds was our class name)

“gigantic impact on my life… genuine interest in helping me/others… honest and funny… i can trust you… willing to listen.
– College friend I informally tutored

More testimonials at http://nathanchow.net/ii/work/references/#teacher-coach

ready to learn? { contact me! }

I am deeply committed to helping you learn, grow, and succeed. My biggest goal is to create positive momentum for you to be independent and successful long after you’ve had me as a tutor.

Contact me at nathanschow at gmail dot com and we can get started!

In your email, please include:
~ The subject in which you (or your child) needs help
~ If you’d like: summary of why you need tutoring, what you are hoping for, and your vision of what most sessions will look like (homework help? review for tests? help on papers?)
~ Your rough location (or an intersection) and/or what public transportation is near you
~ An estimate for how often you need my service
~ A fair rate you are willing to pay and that you are able to afford for a tutor of my immense value (For an idea: I have charged between $35-80 per hour for different services. I am asking for $40-60.)

Thank you for your consideration. And may your life be blessed with knowledge, growth, success, and happiness. =)

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