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nathan is { a photographer }

Nathan Chow Photo is based in Boston.

Here are some ways I am happy to use my photography skills for you:

  • Photo sessions for couples—for engagements, anniversaries, or just for fun
  • professional head shots
  • senior portraits
  • parties, quinceaƱeras, events, conferences, and nightlife
  • commercial photos for fashion, glamour, and lifestyle
  • commercial photos of your business’s food, products, or service
  • photojournalism, documentary, or social commentary

Why me?

  • I have a Bachelor’s degree in Film, formal training in composition, a natural eye for beauty, a sensitivity for human emotions, and a fast instinct for capturing memories.
  • See my portfolio and read about my background and style at and on the Nathan Chow Photo Facebook page
  • Read more about my service, what you will receive, and rates at
  • Sessions are a fair rate for my value: starting at $80 per hour

Book me today!

Contact me to get me started on your photo project.

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nathan is { a freelance writer }

My stories, essays, and tidbits center around peace, love, and happiness—usually with motives of a humanitarian and activist. My writing educates, inspires, and empowers people.

My style is clear, simple, and elegant—and often loaded with poetry, imagery, and a dash of humor. Many of my writings are self-reflections or explorations of inner conflict. My formal background is in communication and film. I have a good sense of storytelling, character development, and conflict.

I was in ESL classes in elementary school, but later I won more English awards than anyone else at my high school and I was specially recognized for my writing in college. Today I run several blogs with thousands of visitors. How I got here means an awful lot to me.

Here are some ways I am happy to use my writing skills for you:

  • teaching English (see tutoring services),
  • writing attractive and memorable copy for your company or rewriting your website’s content
  • managing social media updates, helping with social marketing, or creating a list of ideas for future posts (informative, inspirational, or witty)
  • editing and proofreading anything,
  • helping you identify and plan (not the same as write) your best personal stories (for an application, for a short memoir, for funsies, or for eternity’s sake—maybe as a family project),
  • or even helping you plan (again, not the same as write) a formal complaint, a sincere thank you, or a romantic letter.

Possibilities are endless!

Here are some ways I refuse to use my writing skills for you: writing your college paper for you, writing a revenge letter to a business, and writing an ugly break-up letter (what about a friendly break-up letter? Hmmm.. I’ll consider).

Ready to see your writing project finished??

Contact me to get me started on your writing project.

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nathan is { a media specialist }

Here are some ways I am happy to use my tech media skills for you:

  • creating a small website for you with WordPress
  • getting your blog set up and running
  • getting your Facebook or other social media account set up and running
  • boosting your placement on search engines
  • writing copy and content for you
  • making a new college graduate, an artist, or a small business look very professional with a positive online presence

Ready to see your project finally done—and with high quality??

Contact me to get me started on your media project.

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