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nathan is { career }

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~ I am a teacher, tutor, coach, and consultant with a passion for maximizing everyone’s potential by drawing from principles in humanistic and positive psychology.

~ I am a writer of educational, useful, relatable, empowering, and inspirational articles, bits, and stories.

~ I am an artist, idea maker, performer, and juggler who adds a touch of creativity, imagination, beauty, and humor to everything in life.

~ But first and foremost, I am a human being with persistent faith in peace, love, and happiness.

nathan is { mission statements }

  • to make the world a more loving, compassionate, understanding, forgiving, and connected place—because each individual life is too short for and humanity as a whole will last too long for anything that even remotely resembles the ugly opposites
  • to educate, inspire, and empower everyone to develop their full potential, whether in my classroom, in my coaching, through my writing, or in daily interactions—because the world would be a much better place if everyone used their unique gifts, chased their passions, and showed their beautiful characters
  • to listen to, be open to, and empathize with all human emotions—because in this world so focused on technological and medical improvements, often the most effective, immediate, and missing cure is the simple human connection
  • to write about and reveal the rawest, most vulnerable, most true, and most particular of human experiences—because life is a universal experience and the moment we realize that all our hopes, dreams, fears, and secrets overlap is the moment we cradle each other with love and understanding
  • to entertain and to find humor, beauty, and joy everywhere—because that contagious thing we call laughter is the most important thing we share

nathan is { personal }

  • Mid-twenties guy originally from New Jersey, currently living in Boston
  • Bachelor of Science in Film & Television from Boston University’s College of Communication with a minor in Psychology and a background in Education
  • A worldly human: Chinese heritage and American nationality; born on the west coast, raised in the east, and admires hospitality from the south; went to a public and underprivileged high school that was mostly Black and went to a private, mostly affluent, and world-renowned university that was very international; loves Latino culture and pace of life and has a slight obsession with Scandinavian films
  • A unique individual: dorky but outgoing, independent but social, easy-going but values-oriented, intellectual but playful, organized but spontaneous, traditional but creative, reserved but crazy, funny but serious, and weird and nothing else
  • Interests: reading, writing, learning, teaching, film, photography, theater, humor, juggling, soccer, running, salsa dancing, travel, food, ethnic dining, cooking, long social meals, and all things related to gobbling

nathan is { beliefs }

  • This little thing called Life is a miracle. Whether I’m engaged in a slow meal with friends, an hour of solitary rest, a photography walk in a snowstorm, or a dance party during a blackout, I always feels like giving Life a hug. In quieter moments, I love looking out the window, sitting still, and reflecting through writing and conversation. I also find purpose in all my challenges and mistakes.
  • Laughter is the most valuable thing we share. I love finding humor anywhere and everywhere and spreading laughter across a room. I am also fascinated by all the wonderful absurdities of life.
  • Life is about human interactions and the differences they make. I love meeting new people, interacting with strangers, and building communities. I believe that what you give is what you get. And I truly believe that everyone I meet means the world to me.
  • Happiness is up to you. Some people believe in “finding” it. Others believe in “creating” it and managing it. Either way, I believe it’s up to you.

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