coach & consultant

~ I am a coach who can guide you to realize your strengths, maximize your potential, and grow as a person.

If you’re unhappy with anything in your life and keep pushing growth or happiness to tomorrow (sound familiar?), now can be the time to make a lasting positive change. I am an avid reader of all things related to personal development, well-being, and happiness—some of these are timeless and some are backed by modern research. If we work together, I would encourage self-reflection and empower you with life choices. I can hold you accountable to your own goals and values (and help you embrace and accept failures), help you smash limiting beliefs (and thrive in multiple realms), help your relationships and friendships flourish (or help you find more of them), and help you see more meaning and joy in your life (including Monday mornings). You will be as happy as ever and finally live the life you always imagined. I am deeply committed to inspiring you.

~ ~ ~

~ I am a consultant with a vision for innovation, an obsession with optimization, a dedication to progress, and a fascination with building communities and human connections.

Whether you want to uncover solutions for your personal work habits, for your business’s culture, or for a project, if you are stuck somewhere, I have an eye for detail and a talent for seeing possibilities and implementing creative solutions. I am especially strong at making recommendations for maximum efficiency, organization, and work-life balance, as well as infusing more compassion, joy, and humanity into your personal work or your business. I am deeply committed to empowering you.

~ ~ ~

~ I have informally coached or consulted students, professionals, and business owners. I’m aspiring to make this more formal. My only formal, paid experience was leading a hands-on “juggling” and prioritization workshop for executives of a Fortune 100 company—and I taught some of them how to actually juggle!

~ I can also consult for the following things: emerging technologies in education; websites for businesses; and Facebook, Twitter, and social media for businesses.

~ I am highly recommended for my passion in helping people and organizations thrive. See my references for testimonials.

~ I am based in Boston for in-person coaching or consulting. But I am periodically available in New York and always available on the phone.

~ Ready to shake things up and make big positive changes to your life or your business? Ready to say yes to everything you deserve? Contact me today!

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